G’s story

G's story

This client, G, requested to remain anonymous for the case study.

Following release from prison in July 2020, G, a retired veteran, had hopes of a new start and his own place to call home but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a homeless hostel became home for an undetermined amount of time.

As a retired veteran, G received support from a range of organisations, including SAMH, Poppy Scotland, the Wise Group and Sacro. All of these organisations pointed him in the direction of Housing Options Scotland, which G thought was a good sign. Unsure of what outcome to expect, especially with the added challenge of the COVID-19 lockdown, G contacted Housing Options Scotland in the hope of being pointed in the right direction and given a fair chance to build a new life for himself.

G had no specific requests for the home he was looking for but was eager to find some options for leaving the homeless hostel. The turnaround time from G’s initial contact with Housing Options Scotland to finding out there was a home available to him far exceeded G’s expectations. At the end of December 2020, G received a phone call to tell him there was a veteran’s house that might be suitable for him and everything was arranged for him to move in by January 2021. Reflecting on this positive outcome, G said:

“Giving me this house in the first place is the best thing that could ever have happened … I never in a million years thought I’d be here.”

This was a much-needed boost for G, as he was preparing himself for at least another 6 months in the homeless hostel and the staff working there also had similar expectations for him. G did not hesitate when deciding whether or not to take the offer of a new home:

“It was the best chance I had at the time and will have for the next 10 years. It came up at just the right time.”

Olivia, Head of Casework Services, from Housing Options Scotland worked with G and kept him on track with what he needed to do to apply for a veteran’s home. G is grateful for Olivia’s support and that he was given a fair chance in receiving the help he needed.

G’s thoughts on the overall process with Housing Options Scotland were extremely positive. He said the process was:

“Really easy, didn’t really have to look. The first house I saw, I was in love with it.”

G is delighted that things are now going well for him. He has his own place to call home and a chance to get on with life and get back into work. G’s advice to anyone in a similar situation who is looking for help with finding their home:

“Get in touch with Housing Options Scotland and ask for help if you need it.”


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March 25, 2021