Housing Options for Older People

“Housing Options Scotland gave me hope, from the first time I met them, that there was a way through the web of complexities in moving, to be nearer family. The move has made an immense improvement to my quality of life. I am living in a retirement complex, close to my two daughters. I am more relaxed about everything, and therefore much less likely to have stress related health problems. Housing Options Scotland were always there when I needed them, and came up with the goods. I would definitely contact them if you have housing problems, or are considering making a move.”
Danny Jones

As you get older, making sure you have a home that suits your needs is very important. So, whether you are looking to downsize, move nearer to family or your support network, making sure that your current home is adapted to your physical needs or for any other reason, we can help.

If like Danny you are over 55, or you support someone who is and need support with your housing options Click below to get help.

Military Matters

“I found Housing Options Scotland very supportive, I was really at that stage where I didn’t know if I could cope any more. The organisation helped find me a house that ticked everything off of the list that I wanted for my girls and I. My new home has completely exceeded my expectations, I love the area, the neighbours are lovely and we’ve got everything around us we need. Housing Options Scotland were absolutely amazing, they were up to date with everything to do with housing and I couldn’t recommend the service more.”
Gina McKay

If you are a member of the Armed Forces, a veteran or still serving, finding a suitable home on civvy street can be one of the hardest things you will do, especially if you are an older person or have a disability.

If like Gina you are a member of the Armed Forces Community and need support finding the right home in the right place, Click Belowto get help.


“My name is Christine and I have been a volunteer for Housing Options Scotland since 2010. The organisation helped my son find the right home in the right place, I am so grateful that I offered my time to share my experience of finding housing. Volunteering has been really rewarding and I would encourage anyone to give their time to something that means a lot.”

Christine Jackson

Our volunteers have been at the core of what we do for many years. Our volunteers share our values and want to help you find a suitable home.

Our volunteers help clients one to one or in groups, they get involved in research, help with events and conferences, they blog for us and do a whole host of other useful things.

If you would like to be volunteer with Housing Options Scotland or if you would like to find out more about our volunteering opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Ben Parker at Ben@housingoptionsscotland.org.uk