All change – Joseph’s Story: Open Market Shared Equity Scheme

When a work related accident left demolition constructer, Joseph McAlpine without the use of his legs, he had to make massive lifestyle changes. A first priority was to sort out his housing. With three children, Joseph’s second floor flat in Glasgow was already bursting at the seams, and he and wife Colette had already been looking for a bigger house. Now no longer able to get about unaided, moving became urgent. Like many couples, the main problem was a lack of affordable housing in their area. Countless applications to what seemed liked every Housing Association across Glasgow and surrounding areas for a transfer got them nowhere, and the family were forced to rent privately for a short while. This experience convinced them it would be so much better to own their own place, but with only Colette’s wage coming in for the moment, raising a deposit seemed out of the question. As well as adjusting to income loss and getting used to being a wheelchair user, Joseph also had to attend intensive physio. It was through the PDRU (Physical Disability Rehabilitation Unit) that he met Housing Options Service Manager, Ryan MacDonald “Ryan and I hit it off straight away. He told me all about Housing Options Scotland and how they might be able to help.” A few days later, Joseph got in touch with us formally, and with Ryan’s guidance and Colette’s expert form filling, the couple started applying for help to get them on the property ladder. Ryan directed Joseph and Colette to the LIFT scheme, and also got them in touch with a financial adviser. “The financial adviser HOS put us in touch with was absolutely brilliant. He helped us sort out what we could afford towards a mortgage and showed us tips on how to budget better so that we could manage our money a lot better.” Joseph’s application to LIFT had one of the quickest turnarounds we have experienced, and the couple were absolutely ecstatic to be offered 40% towards the cost of buying their own place. During the whole process, Ryan was constantly on hand to help with any queries “He went way above and beyond the call of duty to help us. He was absolutely fantastic!” Now settled in their new home, Joseph is turning his attention to getting fit and has taken up a range of wheelchair sports, including re-kindling his old love of football.


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October 24, 2019