We are delighted to welcome Stephen to the Veteran Volunteer team! Stephen joins the team as our 3rd Veteran Volunteer.

About Stephen:


My name is Stephen Johnston and I am a new volunteer with Housing Options Scotland’s ‘Military Matters’ programme.  As a semi-retired man, fortunate enough to have had wholly fulfilling military and civilian careers, I have time and energy, as well as a strong emotional connection, to help our veteran community in whatever way I can.


Born in Dundee, I have recently returned to my home city, having enjoyed a highly successful and hugely developmental 25 year army career in the Royal Corps of Signals, as both a soldier and officer.  My life and career beyond the army has been highly rewarding, and includes periods working for both Central and Devolved Governments here in the United Kingdom, and internationally, for large-scale technology and business consulting companies, across many sectors: Healthcare, Defence, Telecommunications and IT, Software Development, Education, Agriculture and Financial Services.


I still do occasional consulting assignments, working with the UK and Devolved Government departments, assessing high-risk projects and programmes as an independent review consultant.


Having retired from the regular army in 2004, and fortunate to have accomplished a successful ‘second career’, post-military service, I feel it is time to ‘give something back’.  My experiences both in and out of uniform, as well as that important transition period into civilian life, have given me, hopefully, a useful perspective and understanding on what really affects and challenges many veterans; these are people I have an immediate kinship with.  I hope, whatever challenges they are facing, I can offer some practical and useful support.