Our team is steadily growing! This week, we welcomed Eve as our new Housing Options Assistant. Learn more about Eve below:

Tell me a bit about yourself – what’s your background?

Hi, I’m Eve! I have recently graduated from the Housing Studies course at the University of Stirling. Before this, I studied Sociology and Social Policy during which I took a housing module which is when I first began to think of pursuing a career in the housing sector. Whilst completing these courses, I worked as a part-time barista in a cinema so I am now swapping coffee for housing!

What’s your role at Housing Options Scotland – can you tell me a bit about what you’ll be working on?

Due to the pandemic, I was unable to complete an internship as part of my course so I have been given the amazing opportunity to gain some experience over the next few months as a Housing Options Assistant.

What are you most excited about now you’ve started at HOS?

I am really looking forward to gaining some real hands-on experience after years of learning theory.  I am going to be assigned a few clients so I really hopeful that I will be able to find suitable homes for people which will in turn be rewarding for myself as I delve into this new chapter of my life.

Outside of work, what sorts of things do you get up to?

I am a great lover of music and have an ever-expanding record collection. Pre-covid, attending gigs was a main hobby of mine and is something I am really missing during this time! I also enjoy reading and have recently discovered Harry Potter for the first time which has definitely been an experience all these years after they were released! (I am now on the last book and surprisingly have avoided all spoiler up until now!)