After a brief stunt helping out with HOS Helps last summer, Tessa has now joined us as our new HOS Helps Development Worker! Learn more about Tessa below: 

Tell me a bit about yourself – what’s your background?

Hi there, I’m Tessa. I’ve worked across the UK and a little further afield such as Canada, Kazakhstan and France, in industries from the oil and gas sector, hospitality to housing. I love experiencing new environments and meeting new people as I always learn something! Talking of learning, I recently completed a BSc degree last year.

What’s your role at Housing Options Scotland – can you tell me a bit about what you’ll be working on? 

I am currently working in collaboration with Almond Housing Association, in tenant sustainability. My role is simple – to help resolve the issues tenants are facing. This could range from providing information, sign posting or filling out grant funding applications. Some tenants may need more focused help such as assistance with occupational therapy support or dealing with hoarding issues. The current trend is funding applications!

What’s the most enjoyable/rewarding part of your job?

I have amazing support from the HOS team who are experts in housing. They have built a vast network of connections I can tap into. This makes my role more rewarding and greatly increases the likelihood of a positive outcome for the tenants I am supporting so they may enjoy a sense of well-being in their homes.

Outside of work, what sorts of things do you get up to?

When I am not sourcing furniture or filling out forms, I like to spend any free time with family and friends. I also enjoy a good walk in the fresh air – equally enjoyable, is curling up with a good book.