At HOS, our team’s expertise and enthusiasm allow us to help hundreds of individuals and families find a suitable housing solution each year. Every person who gets in touch with us does so for unique reasons. Our brokerage team work extremely hard to provide them all with tailored advice and guidance. Here is a round-up of a few ways our team has supported people in navigating their housing options in November.


Ryan helped a client who was feeling isolated and wanted to move somewhere with better amenities and transport links. In recent years, the client’s physical needs have changed and their quality of life in their current property was declining. The client had previously explored the option of social housing but hadn’t found a secure housing solution. Ryan talked the client through their housing options. He was also able to liaise with organisations on their behalf to check the status of their applications. Ryan is currently supporting the client to explore the option of sheltered housing in their favoured location. The client reported that they feel encouraged in their search for their next home.


This client is visually impaired and struggled to fill out paper forms. They felt this had hindered their search so far. So, Ryan adjusted the way he contacted them by, for example, ensuring all HOS documents were large print.


Eve has been working with the family of a Making Moves client. The client is seen as suitably housed in a social tenancy, as his property is suitable for him and his is getting support to sustain his tenancy. However, the family would like him to move closer to them. The client’s family believed that they couldn’t exchange the property as they were allocated it through social work. Eve informed the family that this would actually open up his chances of relocating and that they should enquire about it. They did and it turns out the client can exchange their property. So, Eve’s advice and support helped to open up another avenue for the family to explore.


Erin has been helping a client who got in touch with HOS as they were struggling to find their next home. The client and their partner were staying with family after they had to sell their house as it was unsuitable due to their medical needs. The client had thought that they would be able to move quite quickly, but they struggled to find a suitable house that was affordable. Erin applied on their behalf for Access Ownership, which was successful! They have recently identified a suitable flat and Horizon has visited and approved it. So, Erin’s client will be putting an offer in.


Susan is supporting a client who wants to move from England to Scotland. The client came to HOS wanting to find an eco-friendly house by the sea. Susan researched and found an eco-housing project in the Highlands and requested a brochure be sent to her client so they could see what may be available. Susan supported them by advising them that such homes may be out of their budget but provided information about other housing options that may be suitable and affordable. For example, Susan provided information about retirement housing in Edinburgh that would be within their budget and also sent some examples of other properties for sale by the sea. With Susan’s help, the client is sure to make the move north.


Finding the right housing solution can be a stressful and confusing experience. Our brokers are here to help and offer expert housing information and advice. Get in touch or fill out one of our Get Help forms if you need support.