Gina is already a familiar face at Housing Options Scotland, having joined us as our Customer Communications Manager in November 2020. Recently, she has taken on the new role of Military Matters Volunteer Development Worker. We talked to Gina about her new position:

Your role has been newly created – can you tell us a little bit about what it involves?

My new role is to recruit and train veteran volunteers to offer peer support to our veteran clients. The volunteers will provide a vital service in adding value to the work of our brokers. Some aspects of civilian life can seem overwhelming to veteran clients, but having a service background means that our volunteers can offer person-centred support, build relationships with other veterans and help them to integrate and settle into their new life. In addition, I’ll be assisting with forming links with different groups and findings ways for clients to integrate themselves into their community. Having served in the military myself, I am grateful to be part of this scheme and to make a difference.

What aspect of your job are you looking forward to the most?

The aspect of my job that I am looking forward to the most is linking up the volunteers with the clients and building relationships. I’m also excited to work with my new team.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up in your first few months?

At the moment, I’m focusing on the recruitment phase and doing preparation work. We already have interest in the volunteering role and I’m looking forward to meeting and training the volunteers!