We are delighted to present our “Homeless Housing Options – A Year in Review” retrospective.

Our first year of the project has been a steep but extremely rewarding learning curve. The above video is a look back at the work we have been doing to support disabled people, older people, and members of the Armed Forces community facing homelessness.

We are delighted to have supported 137 people across Scotland since the project began. One of the challenges we have faced as part of the project is how to share the lived experience of those we have supported. As part of our Year in Review, we are proud to launch our new Client Gallery. This new feature allows us to demonstrate the myriad presentations homelessness can take. You can visit the page here.

We are also happy to share our film with previous client Sandra, who, like many of our clients, found herself at risk of homelessness in her 70s. She was kind enough to spend some time with us and share her story.

Our retrospective also examines our work to change perceptions about what it means to be homeless. Through our Homeless First Aid and Intervention & Connection projects, we aim to raise awareness of “hidden homelessness” amongst the sector. One of the key messages we aim to promote is that you don’t need to be roofless to be considered homeless.

Thank you for watching! We are continuing to develop the project – if you would like to know more about Homeless Housing Options, contact us.