As part of our “Getting to know ..” series, our Resources Manager, Sarah Franklin, spoke to HOS volunteer, Robbie.

Can you tell me about your role at Housing Options Scotland?

“My role with Housing Options Scotland is Resources Manager, which is a job that was only created when I joined the team last summer. HOS was growing and getting really busy, so they wanted someone who could manage all of the internal resources. My job takes the pressure off of other members of staff, because I’m making sure everything ticks properly in the background.

There’s a lot of admin work involved – taking minutes for board meetings, managing insurances and equipment; but I also deal with client queries on a regular basis. That’s managing emails and phone calls, as well as ensuring clients’ requests are processed so they can be assigned to the right housing broker.”

What made you want to work with HOS?

“I came across the job after Olivia Lindsay (Head of Casework Services) had mentioned a potential role was coming up, and at the time I was looking for something new, since my professional background had always been working within the private sector.

The role I’m currently doing at HOS is quite varied, and in terms of work experience I had done a lot of different things, for example: recruitment for organisations, marketing admin roles, engagement roles as well.”

What does your typical workday look like?

“I’ll start at 9AM, which means checking phones and emails to see if we have any new client queries; check if any new forms have come in, because some days there can be ten, while on others there will be zero; if we have any new forms, I’ll then process them and make sure they’re included in the next broker allocation meeting. After lunch I’ll try and schedule a couple of hours for other tasks, like writing up new policies.

I’ll also help organise training sessions for the team, which means keeping in touch with trainers, booking venues and working training sessions around people’s schedules. I might help renew our insurance, for example we’ve recently bought cyber security which I helped set up.”

How have you found the team at HOS?

“When I first joined the organisation, everybody was very welcoming and because I work across HOS, rather than part of one specific team, I was able to meet with everybody. It probably helped that we weren’t in lockdown at the time, so we could meet for coffees and have face-to-face interaction.

Everyone who works here is very enthusiastic about what they do and that helps us keep each other going. We’re always talking through group chats and keeping one another updated throughout the day, so it really does feel like a virtual office. People are always there to help as well, for example: if someone’s off on holiday, another member of staff will be happy to step in and cover for them.”

Outside of work, what kind of things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

“If I’m not working, the main thing I like doing is going to Yoga. I also enjoy travelling when I can, because I commute between Scotland and Manchester quite a lot; I like walking – climbing Munroes or just getting outside; I’m a keen cook; I also love to read.

What’s great about Housing Options Scotland is the work-life balance, which I wasn’t accustomed to, having been involved in the private sector. Everything here is very flexible and you’re able to pursue what you want, which I think helps you do your job better.”

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