As part of our “Getting to know ..” series, our Head of Casework Services, Olivia Lindsay, spoke to HOS volunteer, Robbie.

Can you tell me a bit about your role at HOS?

“I’ve worked at HOS for six years now. When I started out, I was the Team Support Assistant, but over the years I’ve progressed into my current role as Head of Casework Services.

My role is partly client-focused, but I also look after the rest of the broker team, which means it’s also part management. I also have my own list of clients who I’m working with on a day-to-day basis.”

Can you talk me through the process of supporting clients?

“Generally, all of our clients will fill in an application form, from where we can discuss the clients’ cases in monthly meetings. We decide the best initial action, and then allocate each client to a housing broker. I’ll usually then reach out to find out a little bit more about their situations.

The information that comes in the form is good, but sometimes you need a better grasp of what’s really going on, and that’s why it’s important to communicate with the client and build a relationship, so you’re getting a bigger picture. It’s then easier for me to establish which of the housing options would best suit them.”

How do you personally benefit from working with HOS?

“I find the work with Housing Options Scotland rewarding. Coming from a hospitality background prior to my work with HOS, the working environment is entirely different, and far less money focused. Your own personal wellbeing is important to the team. The six years I’ve worked here have flown by.”

How do you find the team at HOS?

“We’re such a small organisation that the whole team are very similar types of people. Everybody that works for HOS really wants to do the best for the clients. Whether you’re a volunteer, a broker, or you’re working on engagement, the client is at the heart of everything that you do. Our whole team really respects that, and that’s reflected in our work.

Did you have any prior experience in housing before joining?

“My background was in hospitality, but once a friend showed me the job opportunity, I did take steps for myself to grow within housing. Obviously, I did my initial training to become a broker, which taught me the various ways to help people, but I then decided to go to Stirling University, where I did a Housing Studies postgraduate for two years. From there, I decided to do a masters, so now I have a masters degree in Housing Studies.”

What kind of things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

“Outside of work, I’m a very outdoorsy person. I do a lot of hiking, lots of walking, paddle boarding and skiing. I also like getting out and about around Scotland, travelling around and just seeing what the country has to offer!”

What’s your favourite thing about working for HOS?

“I think the best thing about working at HOS is the flexibility that comes with the job. Everyone works from home, which means there’s room for a good work-life balance. For me, that means people are working a lot better. We’re encouraging people to work hard, but also focus on themselves. Our working environment is very supportive in that sense.”

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