The latest episode of Equality in Housing features Emily Edwards, Housing Development Officer at the Scottish Refugee Council. In this episode, Pedro, Gareth and Emily discuss refugee housing, how the asylum system currently works and what principles would underpin a fair and humane one, and the realities of working with people experiencing trauma.


Listen to the episode here:


NOTE: this episode was recorded in June 2023. Since then, the Illegal Migration Bill passed into law, becoming the Illegal Migration Act 2023.


Below, you can listen to a clip of Emily discussing what refugee housing should look like:



Podcast notes:

AMIF Project: 

[RE] Illegal Migration Act: 

New Scots Strategy: 

[Research] Queen Margaret University:

Psychosocial Wellbeing, Integration and Protection Cluster 

AMIF New Scots: A Pathway to Social and Economic Inclusion: 

Scottish Refugee Council: 

Principles for fair and humane asylum system: 

To hear more about trauma-informed practice, listen to one of our previous episodes on Trauma Informed Practice in the Community with Anthony Morrow from Sanctuary Scotland.


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