This special episode was recorded in front of a Live Audience at SCVO’s The Gathering event at the EICC in Edinburgh. We are joined by a panel of speakers, comprising Gordon MacRae, Assistant Director of Shelter Scotland, Aer Nicholson Clasby, who leads on Third Sector Human Rights and Equalities, and Iain Chisholm, New Migrants Action Project Leader at Positive Action in Housing. This episode takes a zoomed-out look at equality in housing in Scotland through a third-sector lens.

Shelter Scotland –

Third Sector Human Rights and Equalities (THRE) –

Positive Action in Housing

Minoritised ethnic access to social housing in Scotland at key transition points – Report by Shelter Scotland – Report by Shelter Scotland

This marks the first episode released since we were awarded the Marion Gibbs award for Equality in Housing at the CIH Scotland Housing Awards. A massive thanks to Marion’s family, to CIH, and to everyone who has listened and engaged with the podcast. We have a host of great guests and special events planned for 2024, so keep your ears peeled.